Sunday, October 13, 2013

About to enter the 3rd week.......

And here we sit in Salome, AZ
Nice digs HUH?

waiting for the National Parks to re-open.  Despite getting several chores done around the "house" we would rather be at Joshua Tree entertaining visitors.

In the meantime we have been entertaining ourselves with plane rides to get groceries,
Dick's plane
In Joel's plane Bill got to "fly"
How I feel in a small plane

Dick, me & Joel (Dicks neighbor)'d he do me!
Dick coming up on us as we head home.

Having DISH Network installed (1st cable in 6 years....Duck Dynasty here I come:-)), ER visits (Jan had a minor surgery, all healed), re-organizing the storage area, making a few repairs to the RV, cooking dinners for the 4 of us, caring for a sick dog (Molly) and scheduling consult appointments with an Ortho in Palm Springs so Jan can finally get her new left knee (October 15th...surgical date TBA).  

The weather here has been glorious, but you wouldn't catch me here in the summer....just sayin:-)

Speaking of weather, we have been extended and accepted an invite to spend Christmas with Tim & Jane (Bill's little sister) in San Antonio....This is particularly nice as we are due to the LBJ Ranch January 1st and it is 1 hour north of SA.  The BEST part will be seeing the Allen family!!!!!!

We will leave (assuming the parks open again) Joshua Tree around December 22nd, head to SA and up to Johnson City, Texas on the 31st of December.
We recently spoke to the assistant volunteer coordinator at Joshua Tree and were very excited to hear that, in addition to running the Black Rock Campground 

we will be able to work at the Black Rock Visitor Center  during our down time.  This will involve Information Desk and Bookstore Sales.  It will be a far cry from "Caretaker at the remote Key's Ranch" (which was our assignment last fall), with WAAAYYYY more people contact.  Can't wait to get there.

Here's to praying our next BLOG is from  CA

FYI: Bill and I have downsized to one phone...
use the  847-438-3332 number if you need to reach us:-)

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