Thursday, June 19, 2014

Not without challenges.....

Being "Home" has been wonderful and we do not regret taking this few weeks "off" before heading to Cape Hatteras.  You see, part of being a "full-timer" is maintaining a normal health routine, so in amongst our fun..........
Playing with Audies great grandson Jacob

Sister Joie visiting at Starrett Lake (our FAV campground)
Sister Jane and Husband Tim visiting at Starrett Lake (our FAV campground)

23rd anniversary date overlooking Sister Bay, WI

The need for new signs at Camp Zion is quite obvious
So we park it ,
and get to work


But not without distractions....
  for me it's the wildlife

For Bill, it's the need to see if he still "has it".  (For the record, he does)

The work continues after we leave camp


And sister Joie adds her artistic flair

we have seen all of our doctors for annual check-ups.  Good thing we have strictly adhered to that program (and I would highly recommend ALL full-timers find a way to do that) because Bill's newly diagnosed Prostate Cancer was caught in it's very early stages.  We will begin treatment and follow doctor's advice, but we hope to arrive at Cape Hatteras (our next assignment) only a short time after our original expected due date of July 15th.  Remember our motto......"above all, be flexible"!

In the meantime we are camping at our favorite place in the entire universe, Starrett Lake, Wisconsin, with sisters Jane (husband Tim), Joie and Kathy hanging with us.  A short day and a half run down to see docs, and we will be back for some additional world class relaxing in Fish time for Fish Fry Friday Night.  We will then continue to fall asleep and awaken each day to the call of the Loon and the Whiporwill, until Monday, when we return to Camp Zion to complete the task we began 2 weeks ago, hanging new signs.

And let me say this about that:  though our volunteering at National Parks, Forests, Seashores has been, and will continue to be our top priority, doing volunteer work for this wonderful camp which Bill attended as a small child-young adult, and it's parent church (Christ Communnity Church-Zion, IL) has been EXTREMELY rewarding.  We will, most certainly, be back.  
Thanks to Dale and Carol Stewert for the opportunity.

Further information regarding Bill's current adventure will, from this point on, be found only on his CAREPAGE.  If you would like to follow his progress, send your e-mail address to

Thanks for reading:  suggestions are welcome:-)


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