Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beginning with an ending....

Our "volunteer coordinator" (AKA our boss) has been Jason.  Jason has been, during our 1.5 year long communication with him, the most communicative, organized and easygoing boss we have had to date.  This is not to say we have had problems with our "bosses", we have had GREAT bosses, some who have become friends, just to say Jason always had all his I's dotted and T's crossed, and does it all with a very laid back, pleasant demeanor.  So, it was with a heavy heart we bade goodbye to Jason, as he leaves for a new position at "Big Thicket NWR" in Texas.  It was a poignant time when I was stationed at "the base" of the lighthouse and watched as Jason arrived, at closing time, to make his final journey to "the top".
Jason and Abby lock the lighthouse door

This last week we found ourselves involved in the lives of the locals by attending "Friday Night Lights" at Buxton High School.

And, no, it was not a football game (Buxton doesn't have enough players to field a team this year), but a night of football arena cuisine, flag football, corn hole and a raffle.  Very small town.  We appreciated the invite by our boss Chris 
because it made us feel at home, as well as, giving us the opportunity to support a hometown cause (the young family of a recently deceased teacher).  It was well worth the time! 

We also packed in some good exercise (not always easy to get with this lifestyle) last week when we walked the beach (2 miles each way) all the way to Cape Point
(the easternmost point of the United States and where the (cold) Labrador current converges with the (warm) Gulf Stream current).  We picked up so much garbage
that by the time we reached the point we had picked up so much garbage, we could not have squeezed another deflated balloon into the bags.  Gives us a good reason to go back again (with bigger bags).

One of our favorite activities from our "other" life which gave us great joy AND exercise, was cutting, splitting and riking wood for our furnace.  We really miss that activity dead of winter, crisp Autumn air, promising spring breezes, whenever.  We still carry a chainsaw and have occasion to feed that need.  Thus, we were really excited when Doug (maintenance guy),  said "I dropped a cedar log for you".  
Not only did hat give us a chance to indulge our favorite pastime, but has been providing us some wonderfully scented little fires every evening.  It makes us yearn for Starrett Lake (our favorite lifelong campground near Sayner, WI).
Speaking of longing:  missing our family and friends is an ongoing situation , and our visitor contacts cannot replace those affections, but Bill was really surprised and happy when, while sitting in front of the PKQ (Principal Keepers Quarters) when
we were approached by a Grandma, following closely on the heals of her 2 year old charge (Carolyn) while Carolyn's parents were climbing the lighthouse.  As we sat resting Carolyn walked directly, and with purpose, straight to Bill, arms raised, asking to be picked up.

 Bill scooped her right up, settled her into the crook of his arm and began reciting his version of "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears".  The pix shows how comfy she was with her substitute Papa.  Bill was in his glory......and that front porch?????......

it continues to be a magical place, as a chance encounter between me and a visitor has led to our finding mutual ground related to Harkers Island (Bill and I stayed here a week in March of 2013), Cape Lookout and Miss Fayes Fish Hook Grill.  Our conversation led to an opportunity for me to share my copious pictures of Cape Lookout with her for her 18 year old granddaughter, who has battled cancer on and off since she was 5 years old.  Cape Lookout is her granddaughters favorite place in the whole world.  This visitor wanted to buy my pix, I told her they were not for sale, but that I would send them all to her if she would send me an e-mail.  The pix will be on their way soon!

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