Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mixed emotions

I finally had to leave Bill in Yorktown, VA to stay for his Hyperbaric treatments

while I went back to Buxton, NC to work.  The hardest thing I have ever done (cept for that time in 1979).  The load was lightened when he texted me the insurance company had done another about face and were going to allow his treatments, after a mid-stream denial.

While at work today in the museum I was visiting with a woman who had a fairly strong accent, which led me to the question "where are you from?"  Answer "Canada, I'm Canadian".  I smiled and said "where were you from before that?" Answer "Scotland".  I laughed and said "You sound like several members of my family, so I knew you weren't originally from Canada".  I then said "My family is from Ayr and she laughs and says "along the coast, it's where we vacationed when I was a girl...I know it well!"  At that moment her husband entered the room and she said  "I married a Canadian" and smiled.  We spoke of Scotland for a few more minutes and I was again reminded how small the world really is.

Yes, the insurance  company did another about face and the Hyperbaric treatments began again 5 days later.  The GOOD NEWS.....instead of needing 40 treatments, Bill has been released in 10!  PTL (Praise The Lord)!  So instead of driving to Yorktown and having to leave him there on Weds, so I can get back to work, he will be able to come with me, THUS saving me from that "fate worse than death".

We'll be back next week to spend Thanksgiving with these excellent friends who have put up with us for these last 3 weeks.  THANKS Tom and Linda!

Work has been VERY slow, not a bad thing.  It has allowed me to work on Christmas presents.  This years focus is on "memories", which seems to me, to be the best gift of all!

Speaking of Christmas, the coming season signals an end to our time here at Cape Hatteras.

As we prepare to bid adieu and bring our home down to rest, temporarily without us, at Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge while we travel back to Illinois for Christmas, we are struck by the intensity of our feelings about this ICONIC national treasure!  There will be more on this topic in future entries.

As for being home, we will leave Waccamaw on December 15th and travel to Knoxville to spend the night with my cousin Betty :-)  Before heading to Lake Zurich on the 16th.  We are so excited to be back in the groove of traveling with the Sullivan's (and any other GRANDS we can talk into going)

on our annual journey to Macy's, Chicago.  This is scheduled for Dec. 22nd.  December 21st is also booked.  We will be in the area December 17 thru 28th.  If you would like to see us, please let me know so I can lock a date in for you.  Thanks!

As we fill these last few weeks with the mundane tasks of the everyday...

AND the not so mundane moments squeezed in....

We begin this busy season wishing you quiet moments, time with loved ones and the PEACE of Jesus Christ!

Thanks for reading!  Jan & Bill


  1. Wonderful post. The happiness that is evident in your writing left me with tears of joy. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad that Uncle Bill is through with treatment and you have him back. I love you both! God Bless!