Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Easy?

The new position at Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge
 is so easy, we almost feel guilty.  But considering the 42 hours a week we worked at LBJNHP last winter, and the 34 hour per week at Cape Hatteras, we felt like we needed a break.  The 3 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM) we work at Waccamaw will leave us plenty of time for Bill's art, my scrapbooking, canoeing and exploring.

We are, once again, working with great people, in a lovely environment, newer building!

The campsite is very private (despite the highway 30 feet from the RV-quiets down at night).
  Our first few days here, we had company.  They have moved on to another volunteer position and are due to be replaced by a new couple on the 22nd.

Laundry building 30-feet from our door.

              And LOOKY there!  A fire-pit right in our front yard...."Bill, get the chainsaw!"

                        Our job involves manning the Visitor Center Desk,

 and, the gift store ...... also the home of our 3 snakes.

Feeding the critters....The Box Turtle eats

 these Mealy bugs....gotta be alive or she's not interested:-)
Our American Alligator (bout 2 feet long)....I don't handle him yet (so FAAASSSTTT), but after Sam gives me more training, I think I can take him.  He is cranky to say the least.  And "what does he eat?"  Yea, you'd rather not know, trust me:-)
The Corn Snake is pretty friendly...

 as is The King Snake (1st time I have ever touched a snake in my entire life).
Young William really wanted to see him, so I ponied up, not to disappoint.  NOTE:  we are not REQUIRED to touch anything. 

The view from the Visitor Center makes it all worthwhile.  This is the convergence of the Great Pee Dee and Waccamaw rivers.  

Thus far we have experienced an average of 3 visitors a day, so we keep ourselves busy with light cleaning up around the place,  doing our computer work, or, in Bill's case, working on his book.  

In the process now of making a list of things to do locally....#1:  have to go to Sandy Island for birding: 
I'm told the Woodpecker population is  extensive.  That said, it does take a water conveyance to get to Sandy Island and we were kicking ourselves for leaving the canoe at home when we are currently residing in canoe heaven.  No worries, the Refuge has several.....Sandy Island here we come!
As our days become quite restful, and our nights blur into a whirlwind of Monopoly and Scrabble we find ourselves missing the craziness of being home.  Our Christmas was a blessed event, enhanced by time with the GRANDS

Natalie (16), Johnny (15),  Christine (12), Kate (9), Teagan (4), Moira (2)

and they are greatly missed.  But, going at that pace was becoming a real challenge.  

So, we are established until April 30th, when we return to the Midwest (quick home visit).  Then on to Camp Zion in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin (Door County).

In an unusual turn of events we have signed on to Joshua Tree for the time period September 15, 2015 thru January 2016.  YES YES< I know we have already been there twice, but consider these facts:
#1: we will get to see our friends there ( we have made friends everywhere we have gone, but some of those friends have become LIFELONG buddies).  Joshua Tree is home to 3 of them (Connie, Cynthia and Jerry).
#2:  Kelly (youngest daughter, whom we have seen very little of in the last 3 years) will be living about 2.5 hours from J. Tree and has come up with the brilliant idea of hosting Thanksgiving 2015 (to include her brother!)  If it all comes to fruition, it will be the 1st holiday we will all have been together for for many moons.
Kelly and James skiing in Colorado (his adopted state)

Our local mailing address is: Bill and Jan Suttie, 25 Wildlife Lane, Georgetown, SC 29440

Come on down!!

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