Saturday, September 12, 2015

Frustration reigns, even while progress is made!

How is this possible? For 3 weeks I have been unable to sign in to our Google accounts (unable to change the password) and Google Customer Service says I have to sign on to get help. I CAN'T SIGN ON...THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! She says, "I'm sorry, I cannot help you". "There is no one who can help me recover 2 lost Google accounts without signing on?" "No, I'm sorry."  REALLY!

finally gave up and accessed this BLOG via Safari.  Even while I burn with frustration we are holed up in 

New Lisbon, WI (Don and Lisa's House where these lovely hosts have very graciously extended a standing, open ended invitation for us to park our RV ).

Where Don has relocated most of Bill's old wood shop, set it up in much the same layout as Bill had it in his shop in Lake Zurich, and Bill steps

 right back into this shop without missing a beat.  

End of Kitchen pantry and closet storage
The bathroom cabinet was a big blackhole.

While in the middle of the construction l have not yet been able to get it all neatly arranged, but you can see the potential.

The Piece De Resistance':  the ONE thing the new RV

 did not come with, that we(I) really wanted:

 End of the kitchen island (dead space)... 


becomes a drop down desk with built in printer...(to be stained and finished later).  

After the new structures are complete, I will put everything in its place and carry on A LOT more organized:-)

Over the last week and a half since leaving Door County, it has not been all work and no play.  Don and Lisa are amazing hosts and we get few chances to repay them.  We have a great time together!

Don does the driving....Lisa,

Bill and I have the tough job of waiting 20 minutes to get across the lake...but the destination "Carlson's Rustic Lodge" is worth the trip!

And we tie off as the sun prepares it's final descent.

The guys head in for a GREAT meal:

and we all split the decadence.......

                                              Keeping the physical damage to a minimum.
Yes, we have had a great layover here in New Lisbon, WI, even though it started out very sad, as the day just before our arrival, Lisa's Dad, Gary, passed away suddenly at their home.  As we left Ellison Bay heading for New Lisbon, we knew we would be leaving for Indianapolis the morning after we arrived. God works in mysterious ways, and while in Indy, Bill and I were able to have a long awaited visit with his nieces
                            and their Mom.  Many years in the making.
Then, on the way home, we were able to rekindle a 25 year Friday night tradition by catching some Mexican food with our old Lake Zurich friends Kevin, Mike and Kathy and one oldest daughter (Tami) :
We prepare to move on down the road, heading west, where a stop near Denver will allow us to greet the newly engaged couple for a few days before we return to Golden for their paper-wedding on October 10th.  We are VERY excited for James Connelly (Jan's son) and his paramour Sarah Brinkman on their July 26th engagement and upcoming wedding as they begin their lives together.

Both of these young people have dedicated themselves to lives of service to the people of this country (James Police Officer/Firefighter) and Sarah (nursing).  Please keep them both in your prayers as they navigate this crazy world together.
Speaking of our crazy world!  It seems, more so lately, it has been "open season" on our hard working, low paid and dedicated (all for the most part) Law Enforcement Officers (from who's ranks I am now retired).  I could share with you some of the stories, but it would take a novella.  So we will do what we can:  #1 (first and foremost) PRAYER#2 show our LE'S they are appreciated#3 don't do stupid stuff and waste their time (like speeding- which, by the way, is both dangerous and environmentally unsound)

Bill and I are supporting this FB event: Please join us!

"A Blue Baloon"  No purchase necessary! This event is everywhere! If you support our Men and Women in blue then you have no reason not to join!!! I want to thank everyone that has joined and shared this event. It has grown to something i never expected! September 30th every single person who knows/ supports / loves an officer step outside at 1pm EST noon central!!! and DISPLAY a blue Balloon let's show our officers that our love and respect for them can win this war on our hero's share this and Tag everyone you know!!!! Radio stations and news reports pick this story up and help us support our heroes here on our homeland!!
*****We have received some concerns about the dangers of balloons and although I will not be changing the title I do encourage everyone to express their support in what ever way they feel is best ! Thank your for your help in showing our officers we appreciate them! Men. Women. K -9. I @[null:@[null:#ABlueBalloon]]

Please direct all media inquiries to Katherine Marshall @  

If any would like more information about the event I will check that email as often as possible!!!
For Jan and Bill it will be a line of BLUE painters tape 

across our back truck and RV windows (please do not release balloons into our atmosphere...our sea turtles etc will thank you).

In closing:  first my apologies for the hurried, slapdash content of this post.  At least it was timely this month:-)
Second:  and we're off.......This morning (Saturday, September 12th) we depart for northern IL (Fish Lake RV Park in Volo) for 2 days of getting "one last hug" before heading west.  Then on Monday (Sept. 14th) at sunrise, our headlights will be pointed toward the sunset, as we make way for Golden, CO .  Planning to arrive (at Clear Creek Campground) 

near James' and Sarah's on Weds (Sept.15th) in the evening, for 1+ days of hugs.  Leaving CO on Thursday (Sept. 17th) we will angle south, aiming for Dick and Debbie's house
2012 at Dick and Debbie's
in Salome, AZ.  With a scheduled arrival of Friday (Sept. 18th).  A few days of R and R will follow while Bill visits with this childhood buddy (with Dick being a recent 'double lung transplant' recipient, we intend to cherish every moment with him.  On Tuesday (September 22nd)  we will (not reluctantly) head back to work.  Since it is just a short hop, we will arrive at Joshua Tree National Park (S. CA)
 taken during our first assignment at J.Tree in also 2012
mid-afternoon and meet up with our friend Cynthia LaSala, who so kindly responded to my 2014 Thanksgiving Day request for another J. Tree assignment.

As some family and friends have moved to the LA basin since our last time at J. Tree we are looking forward to some LOOOONGGGG awaited hugZ!  

Vaya Con Dios!!!

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