Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A week in the old homeland

So, 2 days turned in to 7….like I said WE HAVE A VERY FLUID schedule. 

After a 19 hour run home, we discovered the funeral was actually NOT Tuesday and Wednesday…but the coming Sunday & Monday.  This delay afforded us some quality time with family & friends and Church that we would not otherwise have had the opportunity for.

Spending time with my BFF Audrey:  

We were able to celebrate our son-in-laws birthday:

Before he left town on business, Kevin was able to see Bill , AND, more importantly, greet the girls:

While we were "home", Lisa (the best Vet in the world) gave the girls complete physicals and they were BOTH given a clean bill of health:-)

Have dinner with Don & LisaJ

And the Padulas (sorry, no pix)

Catch breakfast with Cyndy and the Sullivan Grands:

Saying "Goodbye" is the hardest part:-(

I (Jan) was able to have a girls night out with some of my besties:

Beth, Kathy, Kathy, Jan 

And last, but not least, we were in church (Alpine Chapel) on Sunday to hear our new Pastor Dave Mudd, who is on fire for the Lord!!!  It was a wonderful inspirational sermon!

We’re on the road again, back to our home, which is currently at Roanoke Island.  A few days to complete the last lighthouse (Currituck)

And a visit to the Wright Brothers Museum where we will pick up a few encouraging items for a nephew who has recently completed a school report on this very topic.

After that, our job on the Outer Banks will be complete and we’ll take a short break to visit friends in the Virginia Beach area.  Tom & Linda, Hank & Louise and Dan & Laurie.  We are so fortunate to have the chance to visit friends all over the country.

The 1st week of April will find us back in Cornelius, NC so I can do a final follow-up with my orthopedic surgeon before heading back to Northern Illinois for a few weeks.