Friday, March 29, 2013

mixups, confusion & crazy, 19 hour driving days

Arrived back from the Chicago area after a 2nd 19 hour drive in a week....  The drive was uneventful, as they should be, but

entertaining nonetheless.  Slept when we slowed down about 6:30 PM, and were fresh and ready at 7AM Friday morning to head to Currituck (our final Lighthouse destination for this project).

Though the scenery is fabulous, during the night the road could be loud.
Currituck prove to be the most "out of the way" lighthouse to date, but the hour of driving gave us the opportunity to see the local area and find a great place for lunch:

Sooeys BBQ and Rib Shack - North Carolina BBQ - Outer Banks BBQ 

We arrived rather late in the day, which gave us fairly good shadows, and Bill went to work. 

 I got so preoccupied with taking the reference pix, that I failed to have my NP Passport stamped prior to closing.  I caught up with the volunteers as they were locking up to leave and the kind volunteer unlocked again and got my stamp for me...I didn't even care that he stamped it upside down.  It would have been another 120 miles to "return tomorrow" as the volunteer originally suggested..

Currituck is an unpainted lighthouse, and it was beautiful!  

The "northermost" active light station in North Carolina!
With The Lighthouse Project temporarily on the back burner, we plan to spend Saturday at Kill Devil Hill .....

as well as....

The Wright Brothers Museum   >>>

THEN, for a few days (Saturday night, Sunday, Monday) we will be onto Tom & Linda's & Hank & Louise's BOTH in the Virginia Beach area:

On Tuesday we'll head for Sophia, NC to visit Larry & Sandy (who's last day at a VERY strenuous job was Friday).         

And CELEBRATE with Mexican food!!!!

Wednesday (April 3rd) we will be back in Cornelius for my doctor post surgical check-ups and a deep tissue massage at Massage Envy (I love Armons). 

This will prepare us for the next leg of the trip to Marietta, GA to visit with Jim & Lydia....

Jim is the 1st volunteer to be a plowboy!  The guy controlling the handles of the plow is Jim :-)

LOVE to know what the "high 5" was for??????  Lydia??

Your prayers for our friend Jim are greatly appreciated!

Then on Sunday we will make tracks for Northern Illinois (may try to see family in Indianapolis).  While back "home" for the balance of April, we will make all of our annual doctor check-ups starting on he 9th as we prepare to begin our "busy" season at Curecanti National Recreation Area in Gunnison National Park, CO.  To be followed by another 3-4-5 month stint at Joshua Tree NP, S. Cal.

We welcome visitors to our assingment locations, and will always have the time for you.
For example:  our Curecanti summer is booking up fast with our time there May 6th to September 6th and Rory visiting May 31st to June 8th, and Cindy & the kids arriving July 22nd to July 29th (approximately).

Some of you may have been observant enough to note this BLOG should have started with our visit to New York to see Kelly, and it is with great disappointment I have to report that she had to call it off.  About 3-4 weeks ago she started a new job with "Diesel" and, well, yáll know how it is when you're working your way up that ladder...she needed a "break" and we gave it to her.  

MANY THANKS to Tami & Brett for putting up with us (I mean "putting us up") while we were "up north" for Lisa's funeral.  When 2 days stretched into 7,  Tami took it all with grace (and alot of patience).  THANKS GUYS!!!!

And, Yes, the planned 2 day trip had to be stretched out for a week, BUT, this allowed us some memorable times with friends:

Dinner with the Padulas (no photo, but not forgotten)
Ditto regarding dinner with Kathy (Bill's sister)
Getting to see our new pastor Dave Mudd!

Molly & Tessa greet Uncle Kevin!
Dinner out with the birthday boy (SIL Brett) & Tami

HUGZZZ all around

Lisa :-)

Getting to see Cindy & the kids (Johnny, Christine & Kate)

And a night out with the girls for Jan:
Beth, Kathy & Kathy, Jan
LOTS of time with my BESTIE Audrey (shhh she doesn't yet know I took this)
With all the upheaval and changes, you can see our week was blessed....proving once again:

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