Sunday, June 16, 2013

BTW...we do have a direct mailing addy when we are on location...

Yes, I know, using the South Dakota address is a hassle & it takes forever for stuff to get to us, so keep in mind that by using our direct "location" address you can,still reach us fairly quickly.  So, from now until Labor Day use:  Bill/Jan Suttie, 24830 U.S. Hwy 50, HS1, Gunnison, CO 81230.

And what a week it was, again!  New truck last week, new (well, new to us) 5th wheel this week.  For several months I have been searching the internet (of course when I could get on) and had identified several units that looked promising.  So, we went back to Grand Junction to look at a 2013 Sydney Outback.  Small dealer, nice guy, good unit, except for the step-up in the bedroom which would have caused one of us to stoop way over getting in  & out of bed or getting in the closet.  So we left, leaving that on the back burner and headed to Wheat Ridge ( a north suburb of Denver).  We looked at a 2013 unit that we liked OK & then I asked to see a 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek, which I had also seen online.  I was not hopeful, as most used units I have seen were unappealing to me on several levels.  But look we did, and the purchase quickly followed.  As it turns out, we had been planning to walk away and think about it, as we do most major purchases, but it was a good thing we reeled it in right away, rather than "think about it", because, as we were telling Peggy (our salesperson) to put a "SOLD" sign on the unit, another couple was looking at it, and had every intention of grabbing it up.


1)  It looks brand new inside!
2) Nice layout
3) at 37 feet it isn't so long that we would be kept out of some places, yet it is large enough, with 4 bumpouts, to give us alot more room.
4)  Price

We had prayed for discernment that morning, as we always do, and the Lord came through for us again.  He is ever faithful!

Wheat Ridge, CO is close to Loveland, CO where our friends Ed & Sara Reif now live (friends from Alpine Chapel).

They were kind enough to meet us halfway for dinner, bringing their youngest son Jordan.  We had a wonderful reunion.  I found myself so inspired by how great Sara looked, that I signed up for a Weight Watchers in Montrose, CO beginning tommorrow.  Yes, it is an hour away, but I figure it is only once a week, and it will be worth it!

After dinner we headed off to Dillon to spend the night at James & Sarah's place.  On our previous visit to see them a month ago, we had met Steve & Audrey, his Police Chief and wife, and had a wonderful dinner with them.  As we were heading towards Dillon, Steve called to ask if we could stop by for a glass of wine, when we arrived in town.  Even though the 9:45 pm arrival time was late, it did not deter us, and we had a great 2 hour visit.  They seem to be the kind of people we could have a lasting friendship with.  James was working a 7p to 7a shift, but Sarah was off work at 10pm and expecting us....when we were not there by 10:15, I got a text from her, wondering if we had changed out minds.  I felt bad about not keeping her filled in on our plans, but it was kind of funny to be checking in with the kids, telling them where we were and that we would be "home" soon.  What goes around, comes around:-)

Sarah made us comfy, as we had another good nights sleep there, catching James for breakfast when he got off duty.  He was a real sport, after a 12 hour shift, on his 1st night back.  Not sure I clould have done it.  On the other side of that now, I quickly recognized him nearly falling asleep halfway through the meal, so we finished up and scooted out of there...bidding farewell.

We then headed west on 70, thru the mountains to Vail, to make my doctors appointment at the world famous Steadman Clinic.  My 1st time in Vail, and I was struck by a couple of things:
1) armies of landscapers, all over the downtown area, weeding, planting, pruning etc.  Leaving the downtown area spotlessly clean and with a profusion of colorful flowers everywhere.

2) I found the Village unbelievably congested, with condos en mass.

My visit to the Steadman Clinic was very interesting, to say the least.  The most common question I was asked was "which doctor are you seeing?"  And when I answered "Dr. Steadman", I was often met with an air if incredulity, followed by "Really?" Apparently not everyone gets in to see Dr. Steadman.  Each step along the way the assistant(s) were very thorough, and at no point did I feel rushed.  RESOLUTION OF THE LEFT KNEE PROBLEM:  Brace it.  If in 30 days, I feel as though I have been helped, Dr. Steadman will perform an arthroscopy surgery.  If the brace doesn't help, he I will be looking at a full new knee.

The busyiness will continue this week, as Bill will see his surgeon in Salida regarding a post-surg check-up.  We plan to, hopefully, go to Wheat Ridge on Wednesday, to exchange out travel trailer for the new 5th wheel.  This kind of move from one house to another is a bit different than most of y├íll are used to.  We simply pull the RV's next to each other, plank across door to door, and empty one to fill another.  We will have a great deal more space, which the girls are very excited about.  Bill says it well when he looks around our 30 footer and says "I'm gonna miss this little place, good memories".

We are now prepping our current home for trade in, and we look forward to the change.

Wednesday can't come quickly enough!!!

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  1. It's so wonderful that you're blogging about your adventures! I really enjoy reading about what you're up to! Take care and God bless!