Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching up (before total exhaustion kicks in...)

In Old Business:  The GMC being promoted to us was red (love red), BUT, it had a black interior, which I could have dealt with.....But then the DEAL was BLACK CLOTH!  OUT OF THE RUNNING!!!!

Rory arrived in Durango on Friday, May 31st.  The drive there was gut wrenching, as I was on the downhill side of some VERY precipitious edges,

no barriers, except for some sheer rock walls
within 8 inches of my window! Thought I was going to be sick before we got there.  BUT, it was as beautiful as it was frightening.

LOVED the town of Ouray!  In the pix, Ouray looks like a toy town.
And the ice cream vendor was quite generous with his portions....I was actually unable to complete mine, which, if you know me & ice cream, is an unheard of event!

The ice cream stop occurred on our return to Durango on Saturday, June 1st.  We were scheduled for the 8AM train ride on the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway.  Since the drive from Curecanti to Durango is 4.5 hours we had made reservations to stay overnight at a  wonderful little B & B called "The Gable House"  

.  After settling in there we hit the town, finding a fairly good Mexican restaurant

and catching a carriage ride at the end of the evening.

We went to bed tired, but well pleased with the day!

After breakfasting with the proprieter Heather, we headed off to catch the train.  Bill, of course, had been caught up in converstion with Heather and despite our mad dash through town, we arrived at the depot just in time to see our train chug chug out of the station.  Fortunately, despite the popularity of this attraction, there were exactly 3 seats left in the Presidential Car on the 8:15 am, and we were provided seats thereon.

Our car hostess was "Ellie" & she did a great job!

Ellie assigned me to "bait" the squirrels, so that when the train stopped to provide our "shadow"  
a bad of donuts & coffee, the bait would cause the squirrels to leave our "shadow's" bag alone.

 Upon arriving in Silverton

Ellie advised us that "Grumpy's" had a live ragtime piano player
We headed into the old west town.  I was particularly amazed at the wide streets
Grumpy's turned out to be a great experience...original decor, great food, and, as you can see, Bill got the chance to sing along with the piano player.
Met some great people on the much fun, beauty in God's creation and a bit of shopping..

all packed into the day and we arrived home late again and crashed!

The next morning we rose early and hit the road again on a mission to have lunch in Dillon with James & Sarah....along the way I realized this was the earliest we had been up and driving into/through Gunnison, past the little foal we had been trying to obtain pix of for 2 weeks, and maybe our last chance to see her up & around while she was still somewhat small.  Luck was with us, as the foal was out and about hanging around with several other horses.

As I trained my lense on the beautiful animals, and began snapping, thru my view finder, suddenly something seemed different?  I quickly noted that not ALL of the horses were MARES!  Looks like our little foal will have a sibling shortly.  (no pix to follow on this:-)

Another fascinating bit of observed nature this trip:  I 
saw a cow chasing a Raven away.  This unusual motion then drew my attention to a small, black, curled up mass on the ground.  It was a calf, just dropped by it's Momma.  

I don't want to know what the Raven was noshing on!  Nature, so beautiful & so gross, all at the same time.  God is a fascinating guy!

Nice lunch with James & Sarah, even though he was on duty and had to leave early for court (which was called off later, but by this time we were heading out of town).  Familiar times these!  When we took Sarah home, she found herself locked problem:

Cops & crooks:  One degree of seperation:-)  Sarah got in....just sayin.

While all this was going on we were continually taking advantage of our intermitent phone signal to negotiate for a new truck.  So, after leaving James & Sarah,'we stopped in Grand Junction to have our truck appraised.  Before you know it we were in agreement on all the details and we find ourselves the proud owners of a new 2013 Chevy 3500 diesel dually.  Not necessarily my 1st color choice, but quite acceptable anyway.

Now to find the 5th wheel to go with it.

Wednesdayn AM found Bill & I on our way to Salida, CO for his surgery (debriedment of his bullethole).  This gave Rory a chance to slow down & chill for the day.

We were home by 3 pm with Bill in good spirits.

Our reservations for the Morrow Point Boat Tour were for  10 am Thursday and we were up early.  BUT, history was poised to repeat itself:  I lost track of time and we rushed  off 1/2 hour late...with 232 steps and a 1 mile hike down the canyon we arrived at the dock as the boat was pulling away.  We then rescheduled for the 12:30 pm tour and drove off to visit Ponderosa CG, where Bill & I will relocate to when camp hosts are "hired" to take our place at Stevens Creek.

We enjoyed Ponderosa and headed back to catch our 12:30 boat.  But this time we evaluated the clock VS time to make the trek and turned the truck around, rescheduling the boat ride for Friday at 10:00.  We will leave the house at 8 am!

We' were all getting worn out, so spent the afternoon resting after having BLT's and making ready to maximize our last full day:  10 am=Morrow Point Boat Tour
Noon=  Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
6 pm =  Jan & Bill's anniversary dinner in Durango
9 pm= drop Rory off ayt hotel and bid her adieau
Midnight= home

On this day in 1991 I married my BEST FRIEND!


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