Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time flies ESPECIALLY when you're having fun!

Which means the last 3 weeks have gone extra fast!  With the run back to N. Illinois for Kristen & Jordan's wedding  

and our oldest grands 15th birthday...Happy 16th year Natalie!

Cyndy (Bill's 3rd daughter) and the kids (Johnny 13, Christine 10 & Kate 8) arrived here in Gunnison 2 days after our return.  We had a BLAST with them!  So then, this last week we spent in recovery.....necessary after all this activity with our Grands:

White water rafting on the Gunnison River:  

Taking the Morrow Point Boat Tour:
The Curecanti Needle

The girls were under 12...thus the life preservers had to stay on.

Unique site on this tour, climbing Rangers tackling the "Needle"

Chipeta Falls

Seeing the Black Canyon and one of us getting our Passport Stamp for same:
 The Black Canyon


View(s) from The North Rim

View from Pioneer Point
Picnicing at Pioneer Point
Experiencing Mesa Verde (YOU have GOT to see this!)

Christine was brave enought to enter the Kiva

As was Kate

Grandma Jan & Papa were not

Riding the Durango to Silverton NG RR:
Leaving the station
Open car, a very different experience from the Presidential car...good difference

The eye protection is to keep the coal cinders out of the eyes, and it looked cool:-)
Chugging along

It's best to not have a problem with heights

Lunch in Silverton at (where else?) Grumpy's

Back to Durango to find Cowboy hats:

Kate preferred the RR hat...good choice for her.
 Cyndy got to wear Johnny's hat for a short time...

Now they're natives!

Going to Glenwood Springs, taking in the mineral pool:

Hot springs mineral pool

And riding the Gondola to the top where Bill, Cyndy & the kids had a ride on the "Alpine Coaster"
(the longest coaster ride in Colorado)... (tight turns, high speed, and your own brakes, so they (Bill & Johnny & Cyndy & Christine) controlled their own speed.  Bill & Johnny asked "why did they put brakes on these things?" 

I found myself really kind of glad I was laid up in the hotel room with a bad hip!  I was up and about (albeit slowly) the next day having breakfast with everyone ....Kate's was the best looking!


Lunch in Dillon:

James had kindly arranged for a pontoon boat ride for us on Lake Dillon, but the weather did not cooperate.  We still had fun with James & Sarah:
Don't stand in the line of fire

Mom & James

The end of that day found us all heading for home (or, in my case the doctors office).  I had been scheduled for a pre-surgical CT scan of my left knee, but the entire surgical plan fell through when the scheduling nurse called me and advised the earliest opening they had was August 27th.  This was not the time frame I had originally been given, and I respectfully bowed out of the surgery.
Options are now limited, but having the knee replacement done in CA while serving at Joshua Tree Oct/Nov/Dec is probably my best bet.  I have a good recommendation from a friend who lives in Yucca Valley (CA), and the only obstacle is that her Doc is out of network for me.  It is either that, or postpone until next summer and have it done "back home".

Speaking of summer, this one will draw to a close on Labor Day and our time here over.
Things we will miss the  most:

No  mosquitoes: 
No humidity (25% maybe):
No humidity, even near the water.

Tessa proving she is a REAL water dog, couldn't keep her out of it!

The Skies:

The animals:

And the wonder of God's creation:


We will consider serving here again IF we are promised THIS (Ponderosa) CG.  So, we may be back.

September 5-18 will be a whirlwind of activity back in Lake priority.....downsizing the storage unit.

We do not yet know where we will plant ourselves for that 2 weeks, but we will keep you posted.

On September 18th we head back to CO for Bill's weeklong training course and then on to Joshua Tree.

So looking forward to seeing our fam & peeps.  Can't wait to get to Alpine Chapel for a booster shot!

P.S. we have created a "business" card, ask for one:-)

P.P.S.  for you sceptics regarding the 10 inch battery driven chainsaw????  We just returned it and picked up a gas driven 16" Husqvarna.....yea, yea you were right:-)

John 3:16: for God so loved the world that he gave His only Son that whoever believes on Him shall not perish, but be assured of everlasting life!

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