Sunday, April 6, 2014

A sad day :-(

Though I am WAAAYYY behind in this, today's entry will begin with last Thursday and then travel back in time to complete the backlog.  This is because of the HUGE loss we have just suffered, when Molly took a turn for the worse during the night....a summary:

Dear friends: Molly's cancerous hip gave out during the night. She has gone to doggy heaven today. She went peacefully here under the canopy in her favorite place to hang out. We petted her and talked to her since early this morning, feeding her her favorite food, along with muscle relaxant and Tramadol. All her life seemed to be devoted to redefining quality of life for us. I think of all the times, over our tens of thousands of miles we have traveled with her, and evry time we would come to a slowdown spot, I would lower the rear windows. She would stick her head out, and we could hear children's voices yelling "look Momma, that doggy is smiling at me". Fast forward thru time and space to this afternoon when, even in pain, she raised up on her forelegs to greet our vet, with a smile, as he had traveled across the Hill Country to allow her to go home in peace and dignity, among those who loved her best (Tessa, Jan and I) and who will be missing her the most. The vet kneeled and stroked her head and said " this is the hardest part about my work". Farewell Molly....Happy Trails!
Who made who happier?

With Natalie and Grandpa Dave
Sunday paper weighed more than she did....brought it in every day!
With Rufus...her fav!

Tessa arrives
"Who is this and when is she going back where she came from?"

Our beautiful girl!

Ours hearts are left behind with a cavernous hole.  Tessa seems to be doing well, though still looking for Molly now and again.  It helped to take her shopping for a new bed and meet some new doggie friends.  Bill is talking about getting her a new sister  (Blue or Red Heeler) but with our new, condensed lifestyle, I think it more prudent to maintain 1 dog only.

The LBJ 100 (an annual bike ride fundraiser) was last weekend.  Despite the altered schedule (volunteered to work Saturday- usually our day off) and the intensity of the work for those two days, we had a great time

ANNNDDDDD their off!

Fun with traffic control?

LBJ's favorite car

When I told Kelly we got to see Luci Johnson Turpin (LBJ's younger daughter.....

She said "Mom, that's the most random celebrity sighting ever!"  Still, we were pretty excited!
Larry looks like we all felt by the end of the weekend!!!!After an exhausting weekend, we relaxed with fellow V.I.P.s at Albert's Dance Hall, where Bill and I embarrassed ourselves with our 1st clumsy tries at the "2 Step".  We were saying "so long for now" to
 Diane (with Suzi) as she heads off to Alaska.  

Kathleen :-)

Suzi, Jim, Larry, Mary, Marilyn, Diane

The band is GREAT!  See them at Pecan Street Brewery on Sunday's as well.

Good company!

TBC later today (promise)

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