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One of the worst things ( if not THE worst thing about being a full-time traveling volunteer for our National Parks system is the missing of family.  One of the BEST things is the ability to see family and friends that we have not been able to see or spend time with for ages.  Yes, the job is NOT all work and NO play, and along with learning new things and meeting new friends comes a great offsetting joy.  Here are a few additional examples of our time off activities:
Dinner at The Scenic Loop Cafe with Tim and Jane (Bill's sister) who have lived in San Antonio for over 20 years.  Wonderful restaurant!

Hanging out with Hank and Louise
(our friends and fellow volunteers)
who decided to venture further west than they have ever been, to spend some time and space with us.

Jane receives Educator of the year award while Bill and I and her son Ben with his chillins watch on. It was such a special night!
Spring break found us traveling to Rockport, Texas to visit Tim and Janes' favorite spot.


So very close to Padre, which, by the way, is a Seashore dedicated by LBJ.
Lady Bird gives dedication to Padre Island April 8, 1968

Old Great Grey Heron
The opportunities to photograph the wildlife were everywhere!
 I was in Heaven
Young Great Grey Heron

        And Molly was able to have one last romp on the beach.

The LBJ V.I.P.'s decide to have a weekly "potluck"
                                   Bill, Ron and Louise
Larry and Mary cozy up
Hank and Larry

The boys just hangin
                                          Jeanne and Marilyn
A good time EVERY time.

One of my/our fav things to do...explore the local residents:

                                                          Prairie Falcon

Trip to the Alamo
Hank and Louise
Hank getting into it

            And sometimes it is a combination of work AND play:
         The mornings assignment: 
Explore the Sauer Beckmann Living History Farm
at the LBJ State Park.
                                            New Friend        
A fascinating place

A trip to the LBJ Library in Austin with co-workers:
                                                                Mike Ryan (Boss)
                                                                Dave Schaffer (Boss)
                                                                   Debbie Vickers
                                                                        Jack Burton
                                                                   Derek Hanson
                                                                       Chris Martinez
                                                                       Diane and Bill
                                          Mike and Niki Ryan chillin together
And, as usual, we had fun!  Going back next week for a 
"behind the scenes tour"!

The Boyhood Home Visitor Center
            The Boyhood Home..
where we spend our regular days

LBJ age 5

On a beautiful day when there 
is no tour, You'll find me here!

Being greeted by morning visitors

Other days we're at The Texas White House (no inside pix)

Nature is fascinating

And to show y'all how much we have grown:

Bill throwing a worn pair of jeans out!

As you can see, the business of being a full time volunteer is both rewarding and gratifying.  We have received benefits which often come as total surprises, whose value is immeasurable .  

Three weeks(April 30) until we return to Northern Illinois for some down time with our family and friends (until July 10th).  I can only hope winter is over by then!

Then, Cape Haterras here we come!!!! (July 15 to December 15)

And a bonus surprise, our assignment after that has been locked in:
January 2 thru April 30, 2015

Waccammaw National Wildlife Refuge
Coastal South Carolina

Thanks for visiting!
(coming soon: weekly updates)

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