Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's a small world after all....

Even as we begin the process of winding down our stay here at the LBJNHP we are continuing to experience the joys of being involved in full-time volunteering.

Continuing to make new friends is one of the best parts of the job.  Last week while working at "The Boyhood Home" and, as usual, talking to another couple, who are also fulltimers (those of us that live in an RV and do not own a sticks and bricks house), Bill passed along one of our business cards and the wife was drawn to our blog.  A few days later she sent me an e-mail and told me that, upon reading my blog she had discovered I was a graduate of Maine East High School (Park Ridge, IL).  She then proceeds to share that she is also a graduate of Maine East (albeit a few years earlier than me)!  What a neat experience!  It is this sort of thing that really enhances our chosen lifestyle!

During the week we went on another field trip to the LBJ Library.  BTW it is the most visited Presidential Library.  For good reason I think.  We saw a fabulous exhibit "60 from the 60's", highlighting 60 "people" who made a difference.  
This is one of the cutest things we saw:  

The hat collection was also very interesting.  

And I wonder if Lady Bird ever wore this gift?

And in the DRAMA department:  last weekend we were beginning the process of organizing in preparation to hit the road "home" on April 30th (see the link to our route here)  (,-93.2074205,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szkgqmHtPEm-U.k9V1fmQtVWJo). 

While working in the "garage" at the front of the trailer we heard some chirping coming from the inside of the hitch.  An investigation revealed a nest of 5 baby North Carolina Wrens. 
We stepped away from the area and I went in to the RV.  There, I was shocked to find a VERY frightened Momma Wren.  I called Bill in and together we were able to steer her outside with the use of a blanket.  Still, she clung to the blanket, breathing quite heavily.  We left her alone and she soon flew away. When then we did not see her all day.  Every time we went anywhere near the babies they cried so pitifully, we became quite concerned.

 FINALLY, in the early evening, Momma returned, much to our heartfelt relief.  We figured the babies were about 2 days old at that time, so I turned to the internet to allay our concerns about having to leave on April 30th.  Sure enough, the North Carolina Wren leaves the nest in 12 to 14 days.  RELIEF!!!!   The kids should be on their own by the time we have to hook-up.  As of today's post the babies have grown by leaps and bounds, their little eyes blinking as we peer carefully in at them with the light.    

Conclusion:  Friday night we were dining with our fellow volunteers and Marilyn wanted to see the babies.  I was sure they would be there as Bill had been on the patio all day, working on a painting and watching the comings and goings of both Mom and Dad.  Imagine my surprise to peer into the hitch and find the nest EMPTY!  HOOOORRAAAYYYY, we will not have to worry about them come Wednesday when we pull out!

People all across the country are very different from each other state by state.  We find the local Texas vernacular quite interesting.  For example:

Blanco...we would pronounce it "Blaaaaaannnko", yet the Texans say "Blank O"

Elgin...we would say "L jin", yet the Texans say "L G(short) in".

San Antonio is in BEXAR "Bear" County, yet we would say "Bex are" County.

Pecan?  We would say "Pee can", the locals (for the most part) say "pee cahn".  I use this word in a story I tell in the kitchen of the Texas White House.  Last week a lady called me out on it, laughing and saying "you're not from here are you?"

River?  We say "riv er", the locals say "riv ahhh".

The town of Boerne?  We would say "Born" the locals say "Bernie".

And the best one of all:  the Texas White House sits on the banks of the Pedernales River.  Looking at the word you would naturally say "Ped er nal es" but NOOOOOO, it's "Per da nal less".  Prounce that one wrong and you'll really get jumped on:-)

On our way "home" we are considering seeing these sites (time permitting):

Route 66 Vintage Iron - Welcome to the Route 66 Vintage Iron Online Gift Shop and store

4 more "Back 40" nights till we hit the road:

Thank you for keeping in touch>  Leave a note and let me know if you find this interesting.  If you don't, tell me that too:-)

"In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth"

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