Friday, April 18, 2014

Thinking about winding it down......

With two weeks to go before heading back to N. Illinois, it's time to begin the process of clearing clutter, cleaning up, re-organizing, finishing up food stocks etc.  Yet, with all that going on, we are both fighting off the "Cedar Fever" AKA "the allergies from hell".  I missed 3 days of work and finally ended up at the hospital with a high fever.  Bill came down with it just as I was on the upswing.  We have settled into a "learning to live with it" mentality. Still, Texas will go down as the state which caused us to be sick more time than any state we have visited.  We would have to think seriously about coming back here:-(

Despite that, we are continuing to have fun and making the most of Texas right up to the end:

 At Albert's on Wednesday night again:  Suzy, Jim, Larry, Mary, Marilyn and Diane.
 Kathy expresses her opinion....
Diane (between Suzy and Bill) is leaving for Alaska...gonna miss her!
                                                                                      The band we love....
Hanging out with Kurt (our next door neighbor)

Second trip to LBJ Library...this one was the "behind the scenes tour".  We saw amazing things in  the archives including:  The bombing schedule and map of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign in Vietnam, The original "Lorax" sketches by Dr. Suess, both LBJ and Lady Bird portraits on velvet (LOL) and costume gifts from all over the world, just to name a few.

I also need to mention a temporary exhibit that is currently on display:  60 from the 60's.  FABULOUS!

And in a totally unrelated category:  Virg's house comes down.....
87 Linden Road, Lake Zurich, IL
This will mean nothing to most of you reading this, but it is a significant event in our lives, related to the passing of another final vestige of the past we have left behind.


Virg was our old next door neighbor whom we loved dearly.  She passed away quietly in her little home at the age of 94.  After her passing the house was occupied by renters and when the house was condemmed, it sat empty for many years.  Some saw it as an eyesore, but we saw it as a buffer between our little 1950's ranch and the current movement toward everything having to be bigger and better.  I still don't understand 4000 square foot houses with families of 3 or 4 living in them.

Excited to be going home:  2 weeks from yesterday:-)

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