Saturday, May 11, 2013

ignore the previous post..THIS is how it should have looked:-)

Otherwise after over 3 weeks "at home" in Northern Illinois, It would be impossible to catch up on how things are and have been going.

We arrived ay my BFF’s (Audrey) House to  get in our 1st hugs, and found ourselves

accepting an offer to stay in her driveway (water, electric & sewer).  After a quick check with the local law enforcement to see if this would be legal (it was) we settled in quite comfortably.  Molly & Tessa LOVE hanging with  Audrey & Michelle & NATE!   With a yard as big as their old one and Nate’s throwing arm, they got plenty of exercise.

April 25th was actually Michelle’s  birthday.  Michelle is a proud sponsor of 15 Compassion International children (both financially and in writing for some, for others she is a correspondent supporter).  This a a ministry near & dear to Michelle’s heart.  We could think of  no better birthday gift for Michelle than to sponsor a child ourselves.  I think she liked it!

Our sponsored child is Eudoxie (15 YOA) from Burkino Faso.  We are very excited to get to know her and watch her grow.

Our weeks were busy, a whirlwind of doctor visits, chores at the storage facility and in the trailer, while squeezing in  fun times with  family & friends.


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THE main reason for our visit at this specific time was KATE.
Last year at this time we had just embarked on our journey and promised Kate we would not miss her birthday this year.  Especially as THIS YEAR was her turn for the “birthday shopping spree”. 

Her shopping spree was quite successful as you can see.  


And, as Gramma Jan predicted, THIS was the outfit Kate picked to wear to her party on April 20th.  

Kate’s party was a GREAT success, at which all of the kids “performed” at their talent, entertaining us all.

Leo & Eden performed a song and dance routine respectively:
FABULOUS!  Watch for them on The Voice and/or America’s
Got Talent.

Christine played the Piano!

                                                      Johnny also played the piano!


                                        From Teagan’s littlest performer somersault

                              To her Daddy & Aunt Christy taking a turn on the ivories

                                                  And culminating with Grandpa Ron
                                                  & Papa providing music & dance!

It was at this party that Katie made a suggestion when presented my dilemma:  what to for Bill’s 70th birthday when we will be in California on October 4th?  Her suggestion “throw him a surprise party now, he’ll never guess it”.  So, a week later we pulled it off with his 4 kids


and completely surprised him at El Jardin.  

With their birthday gift he purchased these:

They were sorely needed,  AND we had such fun picking them out at a huge western store in Missouri!

Being "home" has been filled with family & friends.  Our heartstrings were tugged on by the grandchildren, but we are committed to the "vagabond" lifestyle and our hope is that we can begin to communicate with them via "Facetime" or "Skype".

On May 2nd we headed for “Curecanti National Recreational Area” within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (southwest Colorado).  I could not pass up the opportunity to stop in Springfield, IL to see the new Lincoln Museum .  IT WAS WORTH IT!!!  Just wish we had more time.

Also, we found ourselves in St. Louis, MO and realized we could


for our 1st meeting ever, her significant other, Terry.   Turns out Terry is a great guy!

ON TO DILLON, COLORADO, where my son James is a police officer.  We spent 5 wonderful days here with James & Sarah &     


 We also had the privilege of meeting James

I can leave with the peace of mind knowing james continues to make good choices and good friends.

Today:  On to Curecanti, we finally have a day with no snow and sunshineJ  There should be no worries about Hoosier Pass?

Our assignment at curecanti will be as “campground Hosts” and last until Labor Day.  After that we will head back to Wisconsin for 10 days at Starrett Lake (how could we miss it?)

The last week of September will find us in Monument, Colorado, where Bill will be taking a course to become a certified RV technician and RV inspector.

We are due at Joshua Tree NP October 1st where this years assignment will be as Hosts of the black rock campground.  And that will finish out the year for us.

We are looking at 2 different locations for Jan. thru April, 2014.  One is down in southern texas, but the one we are really hoping to get is at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park as visitor guides.  we should know within 10 days.

We should have cell & internet service at Curecanti, so keep in touch.

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