Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We accepted the assignment at LBJ Historic Site in Johnson City, Texas for January/February/March & April where we will serve as Interpretive Guides.

So that is what we spent the last couple of days doing....besides watching the wildlife outside our window.

You may not find these kind of days very exciting, but we do.  We also had a Magpie land 4 feet from our window, in the tree, but he flew off before I could grab the camera :-(

And in The Small World Category....Our next door neighbors turn out to be Dr. Charles and Miss Sue Cottingham who were our Team Leaders at The Cradle of Forestry...one year and 20,000 miles later we are camped next to them:-)  Since we arrived several days before them, we have been able to show them the ropes:-)

We have 2 days of training starting tomorrow...since we already know the basic job, it could be kinda boring, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

On Friday we re-locate to "OUR" campground "Stevens Creek", about 6 miles down the road closer to Gunnison.  Not as many trees (not that we have alot)), but right on the river....FLY FISHING anyone?

So, the schedule to date:

May 15 to Sept. 3rd= Curecanti NRA, serving as CG Hosts at Stevens Creek CG
Sept. 3rd to Sept. 19th= Starrett Lake
Sept. 19 thru Sept. 28= Monument, CO for Bill's RV Tech Certification class
Sept. 28th to December 27th= Joshua Tree NP, serving as CG Hosts at Black Rock CG
January 1 to April 30th= Lyndon Baines Johnson National Historical Site, Johnson City, TX-serving as Interpretive Guides.

This is what is for sure.

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