Monday, May 20, 2013

Happily at Steven's Creek CG

Well, the 2 days of training turned out to be not boring at all.  Even the guy teaching "safety" made it interesting in that we got to actually use a fire extinguisher (never done that before), and learn how to throw a "rope bag" for water rescue.

We are almost completely settled into camp:
And just in the nick of time, Ranger Steve came by Friday afternoon, and when he heard we needed a Mexican Restaurant, recommended Anejo right there in Gunnison (15 minutes).  It was described as a  "real hole in the wall", and it was, but this family operation (Dad Cesar is the head chef) served up some of the best Mexican food we have ever eaten ANYWHERE!  Sorry TEN, we are going to cheat on you every Friday night until Labor Day.Photos of Anejo's Bistro and Bar, Gunnison
This photo of Anejo's Bistro and Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

After leaving well sated we crashed and burned.  On Saturday morning Bill (another volunteer)  

came by to give us the nickle tour.  But our 1st glimpse of THE BLACK CANYON at Pioneer Point was, to say the least, breathtaking, worth WAY MORE than a nickel.  Pictures DO NOT do it justice!  They particularly do not provide the sound of roaring water arising from the canyon floor.  
We traveled to quite few remote campgrounds during this tour, and found Ponderosa to be particularly inviting....another year maybe:-)

On Sunday we treked all the way to MONTROSE, the closest BIG town.  Along the way we stopped at Cimarron Campground to visit our new friends Frank & Marie.  Between them, Ranger Kurt and our boss, Jude
we have a new Friday night party know where:-)  Montrose was a long haul- one hour, but everything is there.  Fortunately most of our trips into town will be Gunnison- 15 minutes (live music in the park every Sunday at 6PM, art gallery showing local artists, quaint little shops and eateries with local folk/flavors)

Mule Deer
We continue to be fascinated with the wild life...

Loads of Golden & Bald Eagles

AND the weather.  If you think the weather in Chicago is changeable, try living in the mountains of CO and find out what "changeable" really means.  We change our clothes 3 times/day.  Problem solved!

Today is Monday.  For excitement we washed the trailer today.  When we were at it, it didn't look like much, but when we stood back and looked at the finished product we were very pleased!
So we are all camped in for the season.  Tuesday and Wednesday are our days off...time to go exploring!

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