Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well, as we settle in.....

Having a GREAT time, love the site...but here's the question:

 These 3 pictures above represent the views of Stevens Creek CG, where we are currently assigned.
We have a full hookup (water, sewer, electric), are 3 minutes to laundry and our mailbox & about 10 minutes drive into town.  The downside, we have highway noise until about 9 at  night, and there are no trees.  Still BEAUTIFUL!

The above 3 pictures represent the views from the host campsite at Ponderosa, where we have volunteered to move to IF they can get another volunteer host to cover Stevens Creek.  The upside:  it is a remote site far off the beaten track.  Still has sewer and water, and reimbursement for the fuel to run our generator.  It also has an even more spectacular view and would cater to more hard core campers.  The downside:  it is 26 miles from laundry and mail & 32 miles into town.  Still, it is very appealing to us, as we like the more difficult positions to fill AND, they are more likely to get someone to take over Stevens Creek than they are Ponderosa.  The funny thing is...if you ask any of the other volunteers or Rangers working here...Ponderosa is everyones favorite campground!

Time will reveal if a move is in the making...we remain flexible.

We have really gotten into a routine of waking, exerising, morning rounds...play all day.....evening rounds & watch a video.  We purchased  "The National Parks:  America's Best Idea" DVD set.  Would HIGHLY recommend it...both beautiful in it's beauty, but informative on our history!

We have met some great people
who have represented Australia, Canada (as above)  India, Australia again, England, Denmark, Nevada, California, Arizona, Michigan, South Dakota & Colorado.  Memorable ones like Emma (a very sweet 9 year old) and Nathan (a 3 year old who rode his bike over Molly's tail).

We have toured all of the other campgrounds in Curecanti:

Bill was a great tour guide!

After finding the MOST WONDERFUL Mexican restaurant right in Gunnison, it wasn't long before we had organized a party there.  Last Friday 5 new friends showed up, and more are expected next Friday.  The tradition continues...come join us any Friday at 6:30, Gunnison, Co at Anejo'.

Memorial weekend has come and gone, and we are down to us and 3 other campers, who leave later today.  It is interesting to hear their stories and what's going on in their lives.

And in the Mobile World News:  we are considering moving up to a 5th wheel.  That starts with \the truck, and we are currently evaluatingthe top 3 brands...so far Dodge (WAYYYYY to loud!) Ford ( I am still a GM girl at heart) and Chevy/GMC.  Now Bill likes the Chevy, but I like the GMC (I think they are built better, Bill says they are EXACTLY the same)  He will let me pick in the end, and right now I am frothing at the mouth over the GMC Sierra 3500

(with duallys) dark red or royal blue, leather interior.  God's will be done!  I am praying for guidance.

Our 1st visitor (my sister Rory) is coming for a 9 day visit on the 30th.  We are having so much fun planning her itinerary....can't wait!

Just a couple of hints:-)  Makes you want to drop in doesn't it?  You would be welcome!

Well, signing off for another day that the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it:-)

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